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    Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co.,Ltd("Quanray Electronics"or the “Company”)is a professional provider of high frequency and ultra high frequency RFIDhardware solutions and NFC mobile payment solutions for high-tech companies.Quanray teamhas a national Auto ID laboratory experts, Fudan University ASIC State KeyLaboratory of national experts, the two generation ID card and Shanghai buscard chip design, senior SOC architect, responsible for hardware and softwaredevelopment engineer, master degree or above accounted for 31%; has a total of 70 patent applications has more than 57 patents. Lead the development of theindustry.

    RFID technology has wide application prospect and huge market, Kunrui RFID products focused on automotive electronic identification, traffic management and inventory clothing anti-theft clothing label, automation of industrial production line tire standard, aviation parts standard, wine and ticket anti fake mark, especially UHF RFID chip has great market share in the domestic market.

    With the rise of Apple Pay and XX Pay domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and mobile and NFC mobile payment promotion,Quanray Electronics developed a payment solution containing booster amplifier a series of NFC mobile, covering all NFC application scenarios, while providing a secure operating system for the customer (COS), application, financial PBOC bus the application of turn-key solution software and hardware, to serve the customers.

    Our goal is to become global TOP 3 RFID IC suppliers in near future.

    If you are interested in our products and need more information,please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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