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Quanray Electronics Landed RFID Journal Live! 2016 with World Leading High-memory UHF RFID ICs



Abstract: the 14th RFID Journal Live! 2016 (Abbreviation: Live! 2016) was closed on May 5th in Orlando, Florida. During the three days’ exhibition, Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co., Ltd (Abbreviation: Quanray) exhibited its comprehensive series of UHF RFID ICs with different sizes of user memory. Focusing on industrial application of RFID technology like intelligent manufacturing, asset management and vehicle identification, Quanray proudly support its suppliers with UHF RFID ICs of superior reliability, extended memory size, and customization services, Quanray’s booth attracted hundreds of customers from different countries and market segments. 

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Quanray has been specializing in UHF RFID hardware solutions, especially in RFID ICs.  Quanray has developed a comprehensive series of UHF RFID ICs with different memory sizes and air interface protocols.  Quanray has become the world leading high-memory and superior reliability UHF RFID ICs supplier. Its UHF RFID ICs have been widely deployed in aerospace, vehicle identification/transportation, logistics, supply chain management, asset management, etc. Quanray has become one of the prominent UHF RFID IC players in the worldwide market.  According to the 2015-2020 Worldwide RFID Market Prediction Report of RFID Journal, the world will witness an outbreak of RFID, especially the UHF RFID industrial applications.
Dennis Muilenburg, the CEO of Boeing, released that Boeing will first start RFID Tagging on “Dreamliner ” Boeing 787 for aerospace asset management from 2016 and all the related parts on new released airplanes will be UHF RFID tagged in the next 5 years.  Officers from Boeing had a detailed discussion with Quanray on aerospace applications of high-memory UHF RFID during Live! 2016.  The high memory UHF Tag ICs complying with ATA Spec 2000 from Quanray provide world leading sensitivity.
Customers from automobile industry demonstrated strong interests in the engine production track-and-trace UHF RFID tags, which was developed by Omni-ID with Quanray Qstar-2AE IC . Representatives from automobile industry discussed with Dr. Min about RFID Tag ICs application in automobile production and auto-parts management.

Over the past a few years, Quanray has accumulated comprehensive RFID applications on aerospace, automobile, logistics, etc. Quanray welcomes customers from home and abroad to establish IOT (Internet-of-Things) eco-system.
Quanray is the only UHF RFID supplier that is capable of providing comprehensive UHF RFID ICs with different memory sizes, from 128bits, 512bits, 1Kbits, 2Kbits, 8Kbits, to 64Kbits and multiple air interface protocols, from EPC C1Gen2/ISO 18000-63 to Chinese domestic GB/T 29768.  The UHF RFID ICs from Quanray possess world-leading sensitivity and extended reliability for aerospace industry. 

   Quanray is also capable of providing customization service, and even Turn-key Solutions of ICs and tags. From 2005 till now, Quanray has volume produced more than 15 UHF RFID ICs, including over 5 customized RFID ICs for domestic and overseas customers.

Depending on our R&D capability, production and application experiences,  Quanray believes that “Applications Create Value”. Quanray will bring more values to our worldwide customers by our technology platform of superior memory size, superior reliability and customized service.

Quanray, Your Best RFID Partner in Asia.



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