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Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co. Ltd is well-known UHF and HF RFID hardware solution provider, focused on design, production, marketing, and sale of Radio Frequency Identification Products (especially UHF and HF ICs). Quanray has been leading RFID chip and inlay supplier in China, taking up big market share in the industry. And in recent years, we also grow fast in overseas market and become a more and more important international market player.
Quanray possesses the most advanced and experienced IC design team in the nation and has made remarkable contribution to RFID industry. In June, 2008, QR2235 which was completely developed by Quanray, successfully passed certification of EPC Global hardware compatibility, reliability qualification, and tag interoperability, proudly becoming the first officially EPC Global approved UHF tag chip in Asia, and the fourth one in the whole world. Besides, it is the only EPC C1 GEN2 single chip product with as big as 2Kbit Memory in the whole world.
Over past 6 years, Quanray has built a quite complete product line of RFID chips, mainly focusing on UHF and HF band. Our third generation high performance UHF chip Qstar-35 has released and it has more features such as EAS, 2K memory and more competitive price compared with leading competitors. Qstar-2A, has huge user memory, up to 64Kbits. It can be used in big data volume involved applications, such as electronic product lifetime management and monitoring.
In HF chip family, compared with products from competitors, our QR2213 and QR2217 has same performance and lower cost compared. They are widely applied in many areas. Only Quanray and NXP can supply QR2213 compatible products in the world.
Each type of chips hold big market share, especially UHF chips. Since 2009, we have been supplying chips for the biggest project in liquor Anti-counterfeiting application for No.1 brand Wuliangye in China. HF chips are also widely applied in numerous applications, and typical case is RFID train tickets in Guangzhou to Shenzhen line. Besides above applications, our products also see more and more opportunities in Apparel tagging, Air baggage tagging, warehouse Management, Electronic vehicle registration and others.
Our goal is to become global Top 3 RFID IC suppliers in near future. If you are interested in our products and need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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